Landon Lobstah


The "Landon" Lobstah is a 50’ x 28’ commercial lobster boat Covey Island is building for a New Brunswick client. This is the 1st commercial project we have done in several years.

We opened a new yard/facilty in the Port Mersey Commercial Park in Brooklyn, NS, (just outside Liverpool) specifically to build these commercial fishing boats. In order to accommodate the 28 ft wide hull, we needed to remove the 2 x 15’ wide doors and replace them with a 32’ wide door. We now have an excellent facility well suited for this type of project. Click here to read about Covey's new yard.

"Landon" Lobstah is being designed by EYE Marine and is based on Belliveau Shipyards Rhyno hull.FullSizeRender

Inside look at boat shed.Hull outside in the yard.Hull outside in the yard.

Hull blocked up and supported by stands in boat shed.Grinding the hull.View of new door opening with scaffolding being build around hull.Bulkheads and live wells being framed.

View of bulkheads and live well framing.

View of transom from office.Wheelhouse going on.image 12image 13image 14image 15image 16image 17image 18image 19image 20image 21image 23image 24image 25image 26image 27image 29